Slastik Sun Metro Fit sunglasses

Magnetic sports sunglasses


Slastik Sun Metro sunglasses with magnetic front closure, adjustable rodsand head band flexible-elastomeric bimaterial .

Head band FIT: special clamping allowing greater comfort for users with long hair and for the practice of sports helmet.

They have a polycarbonate UV400 lenses. Multi-purpose glasses, ideal for daily use and for your sports sessions.

  • Ultraviolet protection (100% UV400)
  • Category 3 solar lenses
  • Solar lenses of polycarbonate with an extra anti-scratch coating
  • High resistance to impacts
  • Special treatments depending on the model: Water-repellent, Anti-reflective, Polarised
  • Adjustable temples
  • Prescription lenses

PC | TAC | polycarbonate or triacetate lenses

FLASH | REVO | DIAMOND | type of colour coating

AR | antireflective filter

HYDRO | hydrophobic filter

POLARIZED | polaroid filter

Slastik Sun Metro Fit case pack

  •  Cat. 3 polycarbonate lenses with anti-rainbow treatment
  • Frames with rubber-effect treatment
  • Microfibre (80%) case of superior quality
  • Rigid case
frame sizing