Corrective prescription Slastik Frames Camden

Glasses with neutral lenses and double-injection temples


The Slastik Frames Camden corrective prescription glasses are ideal as frames for occupational lenses (lenses with two distances: short and medium, reading and computer work). They are also very practical for users who need prescription glasses to carry out their favourite sports activities.

New temple adjustment system (TAKA-TAKA 2). This system of temple adjustment is protected by a second international patent. The new lug design– metallic rod is more robust and allows the adjustment of the screws in order to keep the temples from wobbling.

  • New temple adjustment system (TAKA-TAKA 2), conceived so that the fastening is more stable and lasts longer over time
  • Possibility of keeping the glasses in small spaces
  • Temple with double injection
  • Extending temple, adapting to the necessary size to provide greater comfort
  • Greater comfort
  • Better adaptability
  • Lighter
  • Possibility of having Anti Blue Light filter without prescription
frame sizing